woman-bw-on-nyc-subway2We’ve probably all been there: scrolling through our playlists looking for the “right” song to jive with our subway ride mood. Be it during a melancholy windy day or a pleasantly sunny day, we look for a song that goes right with the day. If you’re having difficulty looking for the right song, then here are some of tracks from our playlist to make your train journey more meaningful.

1. Friday, The Subways
For those who wanted to keep their energies at a positive level despite stressful days from work, pop in this song from The Subways to get you on a cheerful mood during a train ride. From its high-energy riffs, upbeat melodies, and powerful vocals, this song will surely set you in a gaming mood. It also goes smoothly with playing online poker sites like [partypoker] so whenever you feel like playing cards, listen to this song to rev you up.

2. Existentialism on a Prom Night, Straylight Run
During a gloomy train ride or when you feel disconnected to the rest of commuters despite sharing the same public bubble, listening to this song will make you ponder on many things. The meaning of life, your existence, and everything in this world—these realizations will be brought upon by the song’s simple yet gut-wrenching tunes.

3. Give It All, Rise Against
Aside from the music video for this song being shot on a subway, this modern classic anthem of counterculture can fire up your day and will make you want to invite other riders to dance or mosh with you. With its punk-inspired bars and hoarse but melodious vocals, this will surely ignite your gaming mood and make you alight from the train and head to the nearest casino or poker house. Inspiring and livening, this song will make you go for the ace and sweep all the tables in a casino.

4. Alaska, Between the Buried and Me
If you think that train rides are too quiet or too orderly, introduce a little anarchy by blasting this on full volume and bang your head with its progressive tempo and ear-drilling blast beats and riffs. When you’re down or out and feel like you’re the unheard, sing your heart, let loose, and dive right to the abyss of insanity and insomnia with this track.

5. Like There’s No Tomorrow, Deez Nuts
Still sleepy from last night’s party and dizzy because the train moves fast? Make sure you take this with your headache pills and water and you’ll feel like partying again. After the song kicks in, you’ll definitely feel the adrenaline rush that will make you rush to a casino to discharge. Plug this song on your playlist while playing poker and your opponents will never be able to read you. Also, since this is a party song, you might want to listen to this while playing at partypoker so that you will get the right poker vibe. Who knows, you might get lucky by playing long enough.

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